Trade for Development

Investment Facilitator

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BanTrade welcomes any kind of investment in the field of building & construction, railway, roads & highways, deep sea fishing & fishing related projects, cleantech & renewable energy, and other infrastructure related sectors of Bangladesh and BanTrade facilitates investment in these sectors.  We can be the local partner / agent / consultant on behalf of the investor/company.

There exist lots of business/investment opportunities in Bangladesh Railway (BR) sector. As over the period BanTrade has built up an effective business relation with various officials in Government and Semi-Government organizations, BanTrade can facilitate the job efficiently and in a professional manner for the investor(s)/company(ies).

If you have any queries or interest to know about upcoming project(s) in Bangladesh within the infrastructure / construction / communication / cleantech / renewable energy / Deep Sea Fishing / Shipbuilding & Breaking sector, please contact us