Trade for Development

Engineering, Infrastructure & Real Estate Development

This Department is directly under supervision of the Managing Director who is assisted by number of qualified Advisers, Engineers and Executives. Skilled and experienced civil engineers, mechanical engineers are responsible to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. This department is separated into two more divisions such as, Railway Division and Roads & Highway Division.

Railway Division:

  • Railway Projects (Locomotives, Overhauling of Locomotives).
  • Supply of Stone Ballast & Bolder, Wagons, Coach, Rails (Fish Plate, Dog Spick, Pandol Clip, Points & Crossing, etc.).
  • Coach Remodeling.
  • Supply of Slippers (Concrete & Wooden).
  • Spare Parts of Engines, Locomotives, Coach, etc.
  • Signaling and Telecommunication.
  • Construction of New Railway Station and Re-modeling.
  • Construction & Development of Bridge(s), Steel Girder Bridge (Deck-Girders & Semi-through Girders).
  • Residential Complexes of Bangladesh Railway.
  • Earth Protection Work of Railway Embankment
  • Flood Emergency Railway Embankment Protection Work.
  • Rail Line Embankment.
  • Track Maintenance.
  • Geotextile.

Roads & Highway Division:

  • Construction of New Embankment.
  • Consultancy of Roads, Fly over, and Bridges.
  • Bituminous Carpeting and Asphalt Concrete.
  • Compaction of Base Course.